Story of Zom-B

Story of Zom-B

Jul. 23, 2021
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To be a human, you must eat your brain, and to be a zombie, you must “eat your brain”! Fei Qingyu Yangguang was shocked to find that his body was abnormal, and ran to the mortuary with an abnormality. In front of his friends, forensic intern Gu Deming and Taoist Warren, he ate bloody human brains! From then on, when the sun eats other people’s heads, they will have their memories and skills. One day, Sunshine was so hungry that he wanted to eat the head of Mo Xiaochun, the daughter of the Sparrow House. The two did not know each other. After Sunshine became a brain-eating zombie, he experienced various wonderful lives through the heads of others, and finally realized after the experience, determined to protect the family-owned hot pot restaurant. At this time, uncle Yu Guo was fascinated by the sun, and revealed the secrets of the Yu family, and a zombie disaster was imminent…
Story of Zom-B
Original title 食腦喪B
First air date Jul. 23, 2021
Last air date Aug. 06, 2021
Seasons 1
Episodes 20
Average Duration 42 minutes

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