Jun. 10, 2022
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In the kingdom of Ramal, (a modern version of the 1001 Nights) where jet-powered flying carpets meet legendary beings straight out of Middle Eastern legends. Zayn is a young boy who has always dreamt of having an imago, and his wish will be granted if he can free Azrokh, an all-powerful imago who has been imprisoned in a magic lamp! But with great power comes great responsibility. Zayn and his friends (Shazemine, Zora and Bo) are about to be plunged into a super-dangerous adventure – the quest of the 21 Ultimagos – their only hope if they are to vanquish the Queen of the Shadows, their kingdom’s greatest enemy but whom they have accidentally released…
Original title Imago
First air date Jun. 10, 2022
Seasons 1
Episodes 1
Average Duration 22 minutes

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