Acide (2023)

Acide (2023)

Sep. 20, 2023France99 Min.N/A
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In the midst of a scorching heat wave that had gripped the world, an ominous cloud materialized on the horizon, casting an unsettling shadow over the land. As the temperature continued to rise to unbearable levels, a fine mist began to descend from the sky, dousing everything in its path with a lethal acid rain.

People huddled together in fear and confusion, seeking shelter from this unexpected and devastating phenomenon. The once-thriving cities now stood empty and desolate, their vibrant streets now resembling ghost towns. The once-lush forests and fields had withered away under the relentless assault of the corrosive rain, leaving behind a barren and lifeless wasteland.

In the midst of this chaos, a family found themselves separated, each member desperately fighting for their survival amidst the piercing cries of sirens and the sound of crumbling infrastructure. They had to find a way to overcome the daunting challenges posed by this apocalyptic scenario and, against all odds, reunite in order to have any chance of escaping this merciless plague.

Driven by an unyielding determination to protect their loved ones, they embarked on individual journeys fraught with danger and uncertainty. Each step they took was marred by the constant threat of acid rain falling from the sky, eating away at everything it touched.

Yet, within the darkness that enveloped their world, glimmers of hope emerged. Kindness and compassion sprouted amidst the rubble as strangers banded together, pooling their resources and offering support to those in need. Bonds were forged in the crucible of adversity, reminding everyone that even in the face of relentless destruction, the human spirit had the capacity to shine.

As the family members persevered through unimaginable hardships, their unwavering love for one another became their guiding light. They navigated treacherous landscapes, seeking refuge in underground shelters, and braving the unknown as they searched for each other. Along the way, they encountered remnants of a world left behind, poignant reminders of what once was and the fragility of existence.

Ultimately, their paths converged in a climactic moment of reunion, their tearful embrace filled with relief and gratitude. United, they forged ahead, their collective resilience serving as a beacon of hope amidst the darkness. Together, they faced formidable challenges, relying on their ingenuity and resourcefulness to outsmart the ever-present threat of the acid rain.

In this tale of survival and resilience, the separated family discovered the true meaning of unity, the strength that can be found in love and the indomitable spirit of the human race. As they ventured toward an uncertain future, they carried with them the lessons learned from this harrowing experience, forever changed by the cataclysmic events that had unfolded.

For even in the face of adversity, when confronted with the most formidable of trials, the human spirit remains unyielding, ever tenacious in its quest for survival and the pursuit of a brighter tomorrow.

Acide (2023)
Acide (2023)
Acide (2023)
Original title Acide
IMDb Rating 7 54 votes



Marie Jung isDeborah
Valentijn Dhaenens isVolontaire secours
Volontaire secours
Céline Groussard isInfirmière belge
Infirmière belge
Sara Stuckens isJeune volontaire
Jeune volontaire
Adèle Sierra isInfirmière

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