The Sex Education Show (2008): Season 3 Episode 4

Am I Normal? (4)

Anna Richardson and sexual health expert Dr Radha Modgil are at the Bourne Grammar School, near Peterborough, to give the students more ground-breaking lessons in sex education. In live anatomy lessons featuring nude models, the students learn how the body and sex changes before, during and after pregnancy. They also have lessons in changing nappies and feeding infants. Meanwhile, the show explores the reality of having an abortion. Anna visits a disco for people with learning disabilities. She meets Ben, a young man with Down’s syndrome, and his mum Charlotte, and learns how even attempting to lose your virginity is fraught with difficulties. She also meets married couple Tonda and Martin. Tonda has Down’s syndrome, and Martin was brain damaged at birth. But against all the odds the couple have managed to maintain a happy relationship and sex life for over fifteen years.

Jul. 08, 2010

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